Contentious Procedure Adminstrativo

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Form 001 Claim procedure
Initiation of challenge
Claim abnormality if the proceedings
Claims in process of hearing

Filing of administrative appeal
Requesting the extension of the resource
Personación of recourse
Asking the file is complete
Remanded the case and asking for complete claim documents
Requesting the suspension of the execution of the act or other otrosí injunction in separate written demand or
Of the defendants or interveners stating their opinion on the injunction
Applying the holding of public hearings through otrosí in the claim or defense, or separate written
Previous allegations
Answer by actor to previous allegations
Statement of defense
Accumulation incident. Applying the accumulation of resources
Opposing the accumulation
Accepting the request for consolidation
Proposition of evidence by the plaintiff or the defendant
Presenting the positions and test questions for confession, and expert witness
Presenting the list of witnesses in writing subsequent to the proposition
Conclusions of the actor
Conclusions of the defendant
Requesting clarification of the judgment
Written withdrawal
Written raid

Request enforcement of the judgment
Request enforcement of conviction
To reiterate the request for execution of the judgment

Filing of ordinary appeal against autos
Filing of ordinary appeal against sentences
Personación on appeal to the Supreme Court
Preparation of ordinary appeal against sentences
Preparation of appeal against autos

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