A Lawyers:

Among other services, in this office we offer:

– Complete Digitalization records, and their dispatch in pdf format to our customers.

– Moving writings and notifications to our customers on paper (hand delivery), fax, email, Lexnet, instant messaging programs, or in any format or platform that is before us.

– Online access to records for Lawyers, can, not only see the status of the proceedings at all times, accessing all documentation and record data from any location, via the Internet, but also to incorporate, if desired, various documentation files and.

– Automatic alerts of upcoming deadlines, warning by email with delivery confirmation or Sms, but also by phone if you do not receive confirmation of receipt of the due.

– Weekly summaries of the activity and status of cases pending in this office.

– Service of edicts and official publications in newspapers (BOE, FIGHT, BOP or Nbr), well as in newspapers.

– Enrollment Management and obtaining single copies or Certifications Logs and Commercial Property, and in the Civil Registry.

– Representation in all types of proceedings. Trial and Family, Commercial, Criminal, Administrative and Labor.

– We represent our clients before the Administration followed in administrative claims.

– Tax Settlement.

– Free Directory for Attorneys and Law Firms in the province of Seville. Can you register in our section interesting links /Lawyers in Seville.

A special:

Are you looking for an attorney trust?

Do you want to be a lawyer with ample experience?

Would you like it to be specialized in a particular subject?

In our firm we are in daily contact with the best lawyers, specialize in all types of materials. Can you make an inquiry fully free about the matter requiring the services of an attorney specializing determined and we will contact whichever best suits your needs.

Do not hesitate, if looking for a Lawyer, we will recommend the best. Easy as send an email to with your contact details (name, phone, address and a brief summary of the case that requires the assistance of a lawyer). We can discuss and seek the best professional for you in Seville.

Un abogado consulta libros jurídicos

2 Responses to Services

  1. Married Quirino Gonzalez says:

    we have yet to receive an inheritance consisting of a home and life insurance will be hoisted for four people then when life insurance is hoisted four people besides those in the insurance added two more in the document made with the bank
    My question is encuitas people must distribute the amount of life insurance as it was after will
    I wish I contertara clearly

    • Estimated Quirino, Us Attorneys, Attorneys not. We're both law graduates, but while sen Counsel responsible for its defense and legal advice, Attorneys take care them in, among other functions, to represent him in legal proceedings, made in his name, several acts, and streamlining, as far as possible the issues that are part.

      To the question that you posed should contact a Lawyer.

      A greeting.

      Attorneys in Seville.

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